Beginners Guide

Learning The Ropes Of Simcity Buildit With Knowledge Based Action

Creating a city in a game can be fun and involves a lot of enticing aspects but for a newbie, the arduous task of working as an inspiring and young mayor that has to build a new city might be tough unless the techniques and concepts of the game are clear enough. On the other hand, you have to play the game repeatedly instead of harboring ideas of becoming a prion one day. Every game follows a unique style and implementation of appropriate techniques at the right time which can lead to favorable results. In this game, you have to develop a small piece of land into a structured city and you will encounter twists and turns in every stage that are to be tackled with actionable strategies.



Currencies required for playing the game

For playing this game of SimCity Buildit, you will require the help of a few currencies. Take a quick look at some of these currencies that can take you ahead in this this game.

  • The main currency that you will require to play this game is referred to as Simoleons or gold coins. In fact, it is the major currency that will help you buy whatever you want to build a city.
  • The next in line is Simbucks or green cash which is a replacement for real money and can be won as part of the achievements as you play the game.
  • In addition to this, you have the Golden Keys which is a special kind of currency that can be used for purchasing buildings that are unique and attractive.

Way to start playing the game

The first thing that you need to understand is the way in which you can begin playing the game. Have a glimpse of the following.

  • You can upgrade small plots of residential land into areas that are more populated and dense in which the Sims reside. In the beginning your bank account may include currencies amounting to twenty five thousand Simoleons and about fifty Simbucks.
  • As soon as you create a residential plot, you get a specific plan which appears in the form of a bubble that keeps floating around. This bubble contains the resources that you will require to develop or upgrade the residential plots.
  • As you play the game and upgrade the residential plots, you gain experience points or XP as it is also called which allows you to reach the next level in the game and you are already set for more excitement when you have a specific amount. The process of leveling unravels definite options for production, new buildings, resources and lots of improvements.

Moving on to the next part of the game

Once you are familiar with the ways in which you can start playing the game, you have to collect information about various other aspects. The following points will illustrate.

  • Creating resource materials in factories takes a lot of time but without apending a penny.
  • According to the plan of your building, you can stop after creating materials that are pretty much simple although complex plans can be thrown into those options thereby making your task a little bit harder in the next stage of production stores.
  • If you are wondering what the stores are, they are similar to factories, and need more time to create materials that are new but have to depend on materials that are produced in the factories.

What else must you know?

What are the other things that you must know while playing the game for the first time? Take a look at these points.

  • As a newbie, you might not know that Sims love to talk. Therefore, the speech bubbles may appear at any time during the day in various parts of the city.
  • If you touch these bubbles, you will get have the opportunity to gain special items.
  • Coin bubbles may also pop up which leaves you with the task of providing materials for few Simoleons.

More things to know about the game

If you thought things are over, it is not and learning a few more tips can help you play this game further and build an exclusive city.

  • You have to keep the sims happy and not think that they are brainless objects.
  • It is easy to keep them happy by providing a lot of resources or services that include health, water sewage, police and fire. When sims are happy, you end up paying more taxes. Taxes are not to be hated when it comes to playing this game of SimCity Buildit. While playing this game, taxes accumulate over a period of time which appear as a gold coin above your city or town which can collect once when enough simoleons have accumulated.
  • Playing the game with other players can be exciting when you visit the cities of other mayors.

Knowing about buildings

As a newbie, you have to learn the types of buildings that exist in this game. Have a look at the following.

  • Residential buildings in which the sims live.
  • Commercial stores for creating materials from the resources that are present in the factories.
  • Factories or industries in which the resource materials are created.

What are the services?

A dashing and busy city must have adequate services for which the residents will pay taxes. Sims are not happy when they cannot access these services. Take a quick look at the following points.

  • Utility services that include sewage, power, water and waste along with coverage services such as fire, water and police.
  • Specialized services such as entertainment, education, landmarks, education, parks.
  • Government services that include the Mayor’s Mansion, Town Hall and the City Hall.
  • You have to check out the resources as well such as store, factory, currency and resources. Players must look into the details once they are familiar with the basic ideas of playing this game.

Enabling trading network with friends

There are two different buildings in this game that allows the players to conduct trade with other network. It is a significant part of the economy in SimCity. Read the following points.

  • Trade Depot is the building which is all about placing the resources that you get from the factories and put them up for sale for your friends and mayors.
  • The Global Trade HQ is the building that allows the players view the world market and buy resources from the mayors.

Planning the city

It is important to create a framework for a planned city that can help you save the resources. Have a glimpse of the following.

  • Placing the buildings with effectiveness.
  • Buying expansion tiles for growth.
  • Building roads as part of the foundation of your city.

Summing the actions

SimCity is a game which includes everything that can help you plan a city by utilizing various resources that are available as part of the game. Following fair practices and advice can help you get on with this game and allow you create a city for making the sims happy.