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Are You Ready To Go Through SimCity Buildit Best Layout Guide?

Gamers keep on applying different SimCity BuidIt Layout tactics in order to build their dream city but not many have been able to achieve the desired outcomes. Building an adequate SimCity is bit daunting task especially when you don’t plan out the layout in right manner. As a gamer, you need to be very sure about how you will place roads, residential areas, industrial area and a lot more. With a better layout, it would really become very much possible to minimize your expense and take your gaming skills to another level. In the game, you are required to relocate buildings as many times as you desire and that too without spending any cash.

best layout guide

In the guide, we are fully committed to offering an ideal ways of optimizing the SimCity Buildit Layout. If you are really finding it hard to set up the city for the first time, it is worth indeed to go through below mentioned details carefully.


Roads will cost you nothing when it comes to building. You are only required to upgrade roads till 3rd stage and after that; there is no need to upgrade them out. With nothing to spend while building the roads, you can take your time in order to lay them out properly. In the game, you need to make sure long straight roads are laid out as excessive turns and junctions will only consume huge space.  Just remember proper spacing between the roads is extremely crucial and you need to try your level best when it comes to achieving many buildings around the roads.


Factories have always been the critical aspect of the game. When you build factories, you are trying hard to generate goods which you require when it comes to upgrading homes. As a gamer, you need to ensure, all your factories and stores keep operating all the time.  The more goods you have in your stock, better would be the chances to upgrade the homes and earn cash from trade. There are much more aspects of factories but they do cause pollution and make your city look ugly. Placing factories on the furthest edge of your city is highly crucial and will help in keeping your city population happy. With no or less pollution in residential areas, Sims would be more than happy to pay more taxes.

Shops and Town Hall

When you start playing the game, you need to remember, Sims love shopping and they do prefer having government buildings like City hall and Mayor’s Mansion close to their houses. In general, shops and government offices are used as a buffer between industrial and residential areas. Especial when the city grows and turned into crowded one, these addition services will only help in keeping your Sim happy. Here it is worth to mention indeed, these additional services will cost you plenty of cash so you must manage them properly.

Residential Area Or Homes

Residential area will act as main zones of the game and you are required to use grid style format of wide of 2 residential plot. This particular layout is more than suitable to fit everything which you require like parks, police, hospitals, fire and even skyscrapers. During early levels of the game, there would be plenty of space available to build homes but later on, you are required to make some changes and shift buildings in order to keep operating your city in right manner. While creating the residential area of your city, you must try hard to build the pollution zone very far away. In simple words, sewage, waste management, and industries should be at some distance from a residential zone. The key to building your dream city is to have at least 3 residential zones at a great distance from industries and one zone of shops, government places, parks etc will act a buffer between pollution zone and residential zone.

Importance Of Proper Layout

Building a dream city is only possible when you plan well and pay proper attention to the layout. It would be more than ideal, to get in touch with experienced gamers and try to find out layouts they have been using with success. In general, there are many gamers indeed who start playing the game without proper strategy and end up losing the game quickly.

The Proper layout will act as great support for the initial growth of the city as well as its expansion. You need to have a bird’s eye view of the developments which you carry out in future. You need to find an adequate balance between storage, space, and services and for this, you are required to take actions well in advance.

Other Crucial Elements Of The Game

Just apart from the layout guide, gamers need to find out tactics of making quick money. It would be pretty hard for you to build a dream city if you don’t have enough resources available at your end. Yes, there are some gamers, who can afford to opt for in-app purchase but it sounds impractical to spend real cash on virtual currencies of the game. The use of tools and cheats in order to gain unlimited SimCash is complete prohibited. It would be ideal to look for some effective tips and tricks which will sort out your money making a query with ease.

It is the adequate layout and effective money making strategy which will allow you to crack the code of winning SimCity BuildIt. In order to create the best layout, it is required indeed to pay special attention to the above-mentioned details.  There are many guides indeed that you can follow to plan your city but they must suit your style of playing the game. In the game, you need to stick to the basics and keep on working tactics which will help in building a perfect city where your Sim remains happy with all basic and advanced services covered.