How to Access Online Tool

You can find below information on how to access the online tool effectively..


  1. On our website homepage you can find the get started now button which will give you the access to the online tool, But before that we want you to get familiarize with some of the important functions, First of all you will need to watch the homepage video which will guide you through the process on how our website works, It is self explanatory so those who are advanced in computers and mobiles do not need to read each and every thing posted on the site just head over to the get started now button and access your desired content freely.
  2. If you have watched the video by now you will have an idea on how to use the website effectively, Go to the social share step where our website will ask you to share ourselves with your friends and family this step is not compulsory so you can always skip this step and move forward on next page you can finally have the access to the online tool which will be explained in last step
  3. At the final step you just have to enter your details as required by our system and press the generate button everything else will be handelled by our system securely after few minutes you can see on the screen that how your request is getting processed and once you complete the human verification your resources will be added into your game instantly now just login to your device and see that you have all your required resources already added in.