Top 5 Exciting City Building Games

SimCity BuildIt is a highly interesting and promising game. While the game is detailed and advanced, not everyone might be addicted to the game. In the course of playing this city building game, some players might even be interested in playing similar games belonging to the same genre. If you belong to the same group, you will be happy to know that there is no dearth in the availability of games in the genre of city building. Hence, you can certainly try several of these games for great fun, thrill and excitement. Some of these can be played offline and most of them are available for free. Hence, it is time to get started.

Most Popular City Building Games:

Below is a list of some of the most popular city building games, which will give almost a similar experience like SimCity BuildIt. You can try out these games from time to time and enjoy them. Have a look-


  • Township

Township Game

Township is a similar game to simcity buildit and it was launched back in 13th Nov 2013 and gained huge number of players since then its one of top city building game you may like.

Its something like a age of empire game which was really popular among st pc gamers in 2000’s. If you are in need of in-app currency then you can also try township glitches we have on our website which are very helpful to generate some coins and cash in the game too.

Township is fairly popular and can be played on android and ios devices as well as on MAC OS X and Facebook adobe flash and can be downloaded from their respective app stores.

  • CivCity: Rome

Civcity Rome

This is a highly popular game focusing on city building by means of using different strategies. It primarily focuses on the growth of Roman Empire, and even allows the players to maintain and manage large numbers of Roman cities. As a player, you can look forward to enjoying two different types of games. These include a sandbox mode and a campaign mode to fulfill different missions. On accomplishing one mission, the players are entrusted with harder tasks while meeting different historical characters. You can find more reviews about this game on metacritic they have uptodate reviews about this game

The game is loaded with contents, and it comprises of about 34 missions, 25 maps, 115 buildings and 75 units. While playing the game, you will realize that it comes with a game editor so that you can create your own mission and maps. This will help in replaying ability. Thus, if you are looking forward a game like SimCity with a Roman twist, this is definitely the ideal game for you.

  • Cities XL


This is a highly popular city building game like SimCity BuildIt, and lots of players have expressed satisfaction in playing this game. Originally, the game was focused on online gameplay, but it has now moved on to a single player gaming experience. In this game, the players are allowed to design and build their cities with the basic types of buildings. These include residential, commercial and industrial buildings. These types of buildings can vary in terms of the density as well as purpose. For more information check out official website for cities xl.

If you look into the reviews of this game, you will find that it has experienced several strong reviews. The beautiful graphics as well as the fascinating learning curves make the game highly interesting and appealing to every player. Therefore, you can be assured that you will relieve the overall experience of playing this game.

  • Tycoon city: New York

tycoon city new york

This city building game is quite old and it was released in 2006. However, the game continues to be popular even today with many new additions, updates, features and contents in the game. The game is designed in such a way so that it gives players the opportunity to build the city of New York, especially the island of Manhattan. The game includes several popular landmarks of New York like the Empire State Building, United Nations Headquarters, Statue of Liberty and even the Rockfeller Center.

It offers two different game modes to the players. The main mode is the campaign mode, where the players are responsible for building New York one district at a time. As you finish building one district, another district is unlocked. The other mode is the sandbox mode that gives you access to the entire island. Some of the aspects of the game include starting cash, building speed and even competition. In any case, you will love the thrills associated with the entire game play. You can find tycoon city New York on Steam also for that you can this link.

  • Lethis-Path Of Progress

lethis path of progress

This interesting and exciting city building game generally set in a period of rapid urbanization. As a player you will be responsible for constructing, maintaining and managing Lethis. At the same time, you will also have to put in lots of efforts to keep the citizens happy and satisfied. The wonderful and charming graphics of the game definitely makes it highly appealing and interesting. You will even enjoy the light hearted soundtrack associated with the game.

As you play the game, you will learn how to grow and expand your city. You will build factories, farms, neighborhoods and many more. You will also have to cater to the needs of each socio-economic class, and the needs are diverse for each class. For instance, you will have to attend to the needs of the poor by giving basic cutlery, while you can fulfill the needs of the rich by giving them jewelries. You cannot upset your citizens because this will create riot and affect the progress of your game. Therefore, as a whole, you will definitely enjoy playing this fascinating game.

  • Immortal Cities: Children Of The Nile

immortal cities

The city building game released in 2004 is set in the background of ancient Egypt. An improved edition of the game was released in 2008 with an expansion pack which brought many new buildings and fixes to the original version of the game. The best thing that you would like about this game is that it uses a realistic approach for building the economy. This makes the game highly impressive. Moreover, the game puts a strong emphasis on interaction with people and their leader. Steam has enhanced edition of the game you can find it online.

As a player you are responsible for building enough infrastructures, so that the citizens can make use of them to live and work. This in turn will help you in building a long lasting civilization. The game comes with lots of details and the graphics are good looking. Moreover, the learning curve of the game is also smaller compared to many other games.

Now that you know about different types of city building games apart from SimCity BuildIt, you must definitely try your hands on playing these games. You will love playing each of these games associated with interesting and exciting features.