Troubleshooting Guide

Are You Aware Of Simcity Buildit Glitches And Troubleshooting?

Would you like to act like a mayor of your own city? Do you have a dream of constructing your own city and manage it in the right manner? Are you fond of enjoying SimCity Buildit mobile game in your free time? Are you aware of the glitches and troubleshooting errors which you will face while playing the game? Without any doubt, there are countless such queries associated with SimCity Buildit game and we are here to sort them out. We all like to enjoy SimCity Buidit game but there are some aspects of concerns that need to be sorted out. Already the game developers have worked on the bugs present in the game and removed many of them. Still, we can say SimCity Builit is not a perfect mobile game and there are some issues which can bring tough circumstances in front of the gamers.

simcity buildit troubleshooting guide

Get Inside About SimCity BuildIt Mobile Game!

Just before getting deep into glitches and troubleshooting errors of the game, it is a must to introduce the viewers about the game and unearth many hidden concepts. SimCity Buildit is an exceptional strategy-based game in which you will work out ways to construct a perfect city. The task of building an adequate metropolitan city with all basic and advanced facilities covered is not as easy as it seems to be. You need to work out the right layout and construct a strategy when it comes to constructing roads, residential area, industrial sectors, government offices, sewage and lot more. The more levels you cross, tough it would become to manage and expand your city. In the game, you are served with two virtual currencies, SimCash and Simoleons. Both currencies are used to speed up the process of building the city. For sure, there are some ways to attain these virtual currencies. Either you can opt for an in-app purchase, go for tips and tricks or look to apply cheats.  The game is all about having more resources in your account and using them in the right manner.

Bugs In SimCity BuildIt Game

We all accept, SimCity Buildit is a buggy game and if you have just started to play the game, you would be glad to know many of the bugs have been sorted out. Surely, there are still some bugs which might create a bit of disturbance and the key is to get aware of these bugs and tackle it in your own way.

  1. In the game, you are required to ignore the advisors as they do whine at petty things and more often than not at problems which are not part of the game.
  2. Just like advisors, you must also ignore trash numbers. Make sure, the trash is cleared in the morning and you can enjoy the game, rest of the day with ease.
  3. Gamers must not pay attention to the mass transit. The mass transit numbers do get bugged with ease and might even report gigantic numbers.
  4. Even trade depots in the game get bugged too and you will often lose their trucks. In order to get back the trucks, you must rebuild the truck garages.
  5. The bug of space center having huge trouble while completing the construction on many maps has been resolved. In the game, you will now find a workaround which will allow you to complete the construction on all maps.
  6. When you are taking part in the trade cities, on many occasions you will find trade trucks getting stuck behind of traffic spawn point. In order to sort out the bug, you must apply Skye’s regional freeway mod which will allow you to construct extra entrances to your city. This particular mod is easily available for both online and offline modes and best suited to guide your trucks around the traffic spawn points.
  7. In the game, you will find it extremely hard to keep Megatowers satisfied or happy. I am still not sure whether it is a bug or not but only on one occasion I was able to keep them happy and in that situation, these Megatowers were used as a source of housing electronic farms and casino cities. When you play the game and reach higher levels, you must try hard to deal with Megatowers in right manner.
  8. On many occasions, gamers have complained about a huge sinkhole appearing under the house. It is a bug for sure and you need to fix it out by executing demo the building option. Don’t panic at all when a sinkhole appears as it is a pretty small bug which could be sorted out in few moments.
  9. The huge bug of the game is the education bug. In this particular bug, you might lose all your city students to other cities. Here it is worth to mention indeed, the students that ride the buses only get disappear and don’t come back. In order to sort out the issue, you must try hard to stick with education buildings which you don’t require buses for transportation. One can easily take the fine example of universities and community colleges where there is no need of buses.
  10. Rarely exports do get sold out at $1 and you don’t get the full price. It is a pretty disturbing bug indeed which you can’t avoid and will easily hurt your position in the game. It is an extremely painful bug indeed, especially when you are trying to sell computers.

Certainly, we have shared out much important Simcity Buildit Glitches And Troubleshooting in our short article. SimCity BuildIt game is pretty exciting one but these bugs do make a mess on rare occasions. Definitely, the developers are trying hard to remove the bugs and add more value to the game. Already a good number of bugs have been erased and we can expect remaining ones to be sorted out in near future. For sure, these bugs do create plenty of issues while playing the game but still they are pretty much manageable and don’t hurt our gaming experience a lot.