How The SimCity BuildIt Updates Attract The Attention Of The Players

SimCity BuildIt from EA is a highly popular game played by lots of players across the world. Initially, launched for the PC, it is now available for the mobile version, as well. Moreover, the multiplayer game play opportunity has attracted the attention of loads of other players towards the game. From time to time, the developers of the game are in constant attempt to update the features and contents of the game. This is an attempt to make it more attractive to the players. In fact, their attempts have become successful in many ways because it has witnessed a rise in the numbers of players in the game.

City Updates

simcity buildit city updates

Recently, the game authorities have announced a content update release in the game, and this is available to the mobile game players. This update introduces the town of London to players. Prior to this, several cities like Tokyo, Paris etc was introduced in the game, and it received an overwhelming response from the players. It is because of this reason that they released London, as well. The release was made in late 2015 and since then users are highly excited about knowing this town and developing it in the course of their games.

Just like the update in the Paris town, the update in London town can help players to complete the necessary deliveries of London at the airport. This is done by loading the cargo planes with the objects required for the same. If you have played after the new update, you must definitely give it a try for a great experience. With the completion of the deliveries mentioned, you can expect to receive some special building materials with British theme. These materials can only be earned once you give the deliveries. These materials can be extremely helpful because you can utilize them in wide varieties of ways.

The main use of the British themed building materials is to construct the residential zone of London town. Each of these zones comprises of approximately 15 percent or sometimes more sims compared to the basic residential zones. Accordingly, each zone is meant to support a maximum population of 2100 sims approximately. In addition to that, the zones are made in such a way so that they require twice as many services than the ones required by the normal residential zones.

Apart from the above mentioned residential zones in London town, you can even construct three new buildings in the theme of London city. You can build London Bus Terminal that costs about five keys. If you want, you can add double-decker buses in the streets and increase your points. In addition to that, you can even build the Globe Theatre entertainment building and the landmark of Big Ben. Both these buildings can be purchased with the help of keys. These buildings remain unlocked for purchase. When the required numbers of residential zones in the town is constructed, you can look forward to purchasing these builds and add to your London city. As a whole, it can definitely give you a great experience.

This is not the end. Along with an update of London town to the game, SimCity BuildIt now has 25% more land that can be expanded. This means that you will have the opportunity to expand your land more and build your city in the way you want. Consequently, you can earn more points and unlock more features of the game.

As a player, if you reach at least level 23, you will get the opportunity to expand into new mountain lands and create winter resorts for your citizens. This is an attempt to keep your citizens happy and satisfied at the end of the day. Consequently, you can build different items like an Alpine Café, cozy cottages, mountain palace, ski jumping hill and many more. This in indeed a great opportunity to improve the condition of your city and make it more advanced.

You can even avail the opportunity of updating your game with a set of holiday parks, which you can purchase from the game’s store. A Delicacy market and a Holiday gift market are available by means of Simoleons. On the other hand, you can get access to a Holiday Tree, an Ice Skating Rink and New Years Tower with keys. If you want, you can spend SimCash on a Holiday Fountain Park, as well.

As mentioned, the game has gone through several updated in the recent times. For instance, it includes a new department of government buildings, which players can construct in their own towns. This can be done after reaching level 24. You can complete the time limited Epic projects by means of which you can upgrade the existing buildings into Epic buildings. The main features of the Epic Buildings are that they can hold more citizens and even produce Speed up Token Parts. These token parts can thus be converted into Speed up Tokens in no time. In fact, the tokens are designed in such a way so that you can easily enhance the speed of producing items in the commercial buildings.

It goes without saying that as a whole these different updates have received great responses from players across the world. As a result, it has become successful in attracting the attention of more players in building more cities and increasing the overall population of the town. Right since the launch of the game, there has been a huge rise in the numbers of players till date. It is expected that in the course of time, the number will continue to rise.

The developers are in a constant attempt to update the features and contents in the game on a regular basis. Adding plenty of interesting features will definitely be a great source of attraction for the future players. Moreover, since it a free game, players need not spend extra money from their pockets to continue enjoying the game. Application of the right skill and right strategy can help in overcoming the challenges and unlocking the advance features of the game.