All New Casino City Update In SimCity BuildIt Contest of Mayors Season 4

Hello guys, we all know that our contest of mayor’s season 4 has come and we already getting notifications of signing up in it from 17th of May 2017. The actual season will be starting from 24th of May 2017 means like tomorrow and guess what, we had an updated regarding all new Casino City in SimCity Buildit on this contest of mayors season. Casino means hell lot of money and every one of us knows how important currency is when it comes to run a city full fledged city living more than 10+ millions of populations. We all are exited about this season of contest of mayors. And this casino city update has boosted our interest in the game much more. Lets have a look on the buildings and specialization of the casino city updated.

There are 6 Major City Casino Buildings Added and these all are free of cost as always and we need to upgrade our city in various given leagues in the contest of mayors to acquire these casino cities buildings and specifications in our city. Now we will see each one of them in brief below.


  • Wild West Casino : We need to be at least in Megalopolis League to get this wild west casino.

Population Boost : 65%

Area Needed : 20×20

simcity buildit wild west cosino


  • Four Leaf Clover Casino : You must get into Metropolis League to have this city in your game.

Population Boost : 60%

Area Needed : 18×18

simcity buildit four leaf clover casino

  • Golden Egg Casino : You need to get a minimum of City League to unlock this city for yourself.

Population Boost : 50%

Area Needed : 16×16

simcity buildit golden egg casino

  • Four Aces Casino : This casino can be yours for free by unlocking Town league in the game.

Population Boost : 50%

Area Needed : 14×14

simcity buildit four aces casino

  • Sin City Casino : Suburban League is enough to unlock this casino city in your game for free.

Population Boost : 40%

Area Needed : 12×12

simcity buildit sin city casino

  • Lucky Stars Casino : Get to the Nebourhood League and you will get this amazing casino city.

Population Boost : 30%

Area Needed : 12×12

simcity buildit lucky star casino

Let us know what all you guys think about this casino update and how you like this update in simcity buildit game. Also keep visiting us for more and latest information regarding this wonderful simcity buildit game and keep playing.