New Additions Summer Sports Venues

In this new update we are checking out hidden content which is coming out in SimCity buildit, we are looking at sporting venues, so let’s check out first 4 venues we are going to get in this update.


  1. Rowing Center : –

rowing center in simcity buildit

It looks really awesome in the game and got some really cool colors in the rowing center, We can even see a race is going on in the rowing center, you can build this rowing center from the beach menu and it can boost your population by 30% In a 9×30 Area and it will set you back 250 simcash, You can spend simoleons, simcash or golden keys as you like.


  1. Baseball Park

baseball park in simcity buildit

If we carefully in the baseball park we can even see a sim running around and completing his run which looks pretty cool. We can see details about Baseball Park if we head over to park menu. It covers 8×8 area along with 25% boost and price for the same is 25000 simoleons. So you must try out the baseball park as its easily affordable to even a beginner of simcity buildit game.


  1. Tennis Stadium

Tennis stadium in simcity buildit

Again if we look carefully in the stadium we can catch 2 sims playing tennis on the court in the middle of the stadium. We can also see that crowd and background is moving a bit. And very occasionally we can see some flashes which are photos taken by people around which looks really awesome and gives realistic feeling. We can get Tennis stadium from Entertainment menu it covers 18×18 Area gives 40% boost and costs around 12 Golden Keys.


  1. White-water Park

whitewater park in simcity buildit

This is one of our favorite location from this new summer sport venues addition, It looks fantastic we can see plenty of sims here kayaking and plucky sims here in canoes navigating the white water rapids as they speed down the mountainside and of course you access this from mountain specialization menu it covers 7×20 Area for 30% boost and costs around 16 golden keys, like we said before it’s one of our favorite building we can add into the city.