SimCity BuildIt Club Wars Update

simcity buildit club wars

Simcity Buildit Club Wars

All You Need To Know About SimCity BuildIt Club Wars

Hello Mayors,

As we all know, Club Wars has finally arrived in SimCity BuildIt, and we were waiting for it since its announcement. We all are excited about this new update in SimCity BuildIt, but there are few things we must have to know before participating in SimCity BuildIt Club Wars.

Let’s Clear Our Doubts First…

What Is SimCity BuildIt Club Wars?

In SimCity BuildIt Club Wars, you can battle with other mayors and launch various disasters in enemy cities to destroy their cities and win battle points for yourself.

What Are Battle Points For?

When you launch any disasters on an enemy city, you earn a battle point which can be used in various ways in the game.

What I Have To Do In The Club War?

There are two stages of the war, one is a preparation of war and second is an actual war. In preparation for war, you have to trade items to collect various elements to use in the war you are going to battle. And in the actual war stage, you have to launch the collected disaster cars and other things on the enemy city to destroy it.

How Can I Participate In The Club Wars?

There are only two conditions for you to take part in club wars. First is you must have crossed level 18 to participate in the club wars, and second is you must be a member of any SimCity BuildIt club. As this is a club war, you must have a team to battle with. This is not a single mayor city vs. mayor city war. These are the only factors you need to participate in club wars.

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Will My City Get Destroyed?

Yes but only Buildings, if your club gets defeated and you are under attack by another city, your city buildings may get destroyed by disasters launched by other cities but your population will not get affected by it, and they will be safe forever. Even you can apply a shield on your city to defend your city from further attacks.

What Do I Get From The War If My Club Wins?

On every war wins, a loot and rewards will be distributed among the club members equally, you can use those rewards to prepare for either more battles in future or to develop your city.

What If My City Get Destroyed In War?

Do not worry; your city will be automatically get restored after war gets finished.

Can I Play One On One War In The Game?

You mean mayor vs. mayor? Not sure yet. But we can hope EA may introduce this feature in the coming days.

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